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Mr. Puzzle

Multiple puzzles with different scenes at the same time
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Solve multiple puzzles with different scenes at the same time in Mr. Puzzle. Put together gorgeous pictures in a relaxing environment. Import your own pictures and make a puzzle from whatever photograph you’d like! Change the puzzle piece shape and create a whole new experience! Jump into a revolutionary puzzle game, today!
Classic gameplay
Gorgeous pictures
Have some fun with Mr. Puzzle!Mr. Puzzle, as you can tell from its name, is a jigsaw puzzle game. Now you might be wondering why you would need another game of this type when there are so many like it around. The reason is that Mr. Puzzle is a different game because of one thing: it introduces the challenge of putting together puzzles with several layers.

The objective, of course, will be putting together different scenes. This game has two modes: one for beginners and another one for experts. Although it will come with beautiful scenes of nature, animals, flowers, and landscapes, you will also be able to import your favorite pictures instead.

As said, there are two different types of gameplay. The first is simpler and very similar to a conventional jigsaw puzzle. The rules of this type of game are simple to learn: just click on a piece and drag it to the desired location, causing the selected piece to switch positions with the one there.

However, in a multi-layer puzzle, you will be faced with various puzzles, each on top of the other. This time, there may be up to 6 different scenes to put together. By clicking on a piece it will move to an inferior layer to let you see what is hidden below the front layer. There will also be vignettes to serve as a guide.

All in all, this game has nicely designed graphics and an easy-to-use interface. It has basic but appropriate sound effects. If you are fond of puzzles, I am sure you will find something different about Mr. Puzzle. However, be ready, the game may become too challenging some times.

Belkis Díaz
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  • New images can be imported
  • New shapes can be imported
  • The interface is neatly designed and easy to use
  • There are two modes
  • The graphics are nice and the sound appropriate


  • It may become too difficult at times
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